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Jewess » Roundup: Love and Marriage, Or Not

Roundup: Love and Marriage, Or Not

by Rebecca Honig Friedman

Singles crisis due to serial dating. The Jewish Week’s Tamar Snyder describes the shidduch process, and how it’s falling short, to a non-Jewish audience: “Just as the economy is headed to recession, the shidduch system is in crisis mode. Or so the rabbis moan, noting the surplus of women eager to marry and the corresponding shortfall in the quality and quantity of available Jewish men…” [Wall Street Journal]
‘Jewish men don’t always make the best husbands,’ says Rabbi Abraham Twerski. The Jewish community must recognize that domestic abuse exists in the Jewish community and not ignore it just because it’s a “shondeh,” writes Rabbi Twerski: “Abuse occurs in a community that tolerates it. While the aggressor is the immediate perpetrator, the community cannot shirk its culpability if it allows abuse to occur and continue.” [Jewish Action]
On rabbis talking to women. Blogger Menachem Wecker points out a minister’s mistaken impressions about whether rabbis in ancient times would talk to women in public. [Iconia]
Sex — or not — in the Holy City. The hot new show in Israel looks at the love lives of religious singles in Jerusalem. Here’s Esther Kustanowitz’s description of “Serugim’s” first two episodes: “…women roommates have rules about men not sleeping over. But what if your date gets so drunk that he can’t drive home? Can he stay over? And what happens when that guy wants to put on tefillin in the morning, and the only set available is from Stacy, the Reform rabbinical student down the hall?” [NY Jewish Week]
Now women can be rapists, too. “Women may soon be able to be charged with rape. Last Sunday the Ministerial Committee on Legislation approved a change to the criminal code, which would allow women to be charged with the rape of minors or adults.” Progress? [Haaretz]
Jewish divorcess supporting each other. “…the hardest part about being religious and divorced is dealing with the core Jewish concept of strong family unity,” says one Orthodox divorcee, part of a growing demographic looking for support from each other. [JPost]
Non-Jewess’ breast milk is perfectly kosher. According to Jewish law, says Rabbi Aaron Tendler, there’s no problem with giving a kosher-keeping baby breast milk from a woman who’s not Jewish and doesn’t keep kosher, but since “our Rabbis tell us that what a person eats affects his soul,” milk from a woman who does keep kosher is preferable. Breast milk with pork essence anyone? []
Egyptian Jewess historian predicts dire straits for Europe. The controversial historian Bat Ye’or (a pseudonym meaning “daughter of the Nile” in Hebrew) “explains why she believes the West in general, and Europe in particular, is in state of denial at best, and dhimmitude at worst” in its relationship with the Arab world. [JPost]
Jewesses wed in Australian first. “Two Jewish women will marry in the first Australian same-sex commitment ceremony by a Reform rabbi.” And it gets even better: one of the women is pregnant and her “child will be the first Australian Jew whose same-sex parents were united in a synagogue service.” It’s as good a claim to fame as any I suppose… [Something Jewish]
More single Jewish men than women in St. Louis? Despite all the complaints about how there are so many great single women and not enough men, blogger Y? at St. Lou Jew asks, “where are all the Jewish women at?” Um, New York and Jerusalem would be my first guesses. [St. Lou Jew]
Jewess lacrosse jock in Jersey. “Rutgers rising junior defender Emily Penn (Medford, N.J.) was named to the Jewish Sports Review 2008 Women’s Lacrosse All-America Team.” Let’s dissect the news in that sentence: 1. One of Rutgers’ (presumably) top women’s lacrosse players is Jewish, not earth-shattering but noteworthy since Lacrosse isn’t exactly a sport commonly played in Jewish summer camps, 2. There is a Jewish Sports Review, who knew? And 3. Jewish Sports Review has a Lacrosse All-America Team. Why? [Women’s Lacrosse]
And incidentally, today is my wedding anniversary. I love you, David!

5 Responses to “Roundup: Love and Marriage, Or Not”

  1. Happy Anniversary, and many more!

  2. Schep nachas, both of you. Is a male Jewess a Jewee?

  3. Thank you both!
    Yisrael, you’re funny.

  4. To be fair, I assume the Jewish women in STL are asking the same question in reverse, “where are all the Jewish men?”.

    The point I had hoped to get across was that JDate is currently the only viable option to meet Jewish singles in STL, which was the impetus behind a call to action to build the community we wish to see from the ground up.

    Tangentially, the Boston Globe did an interesting article about how there appear to be more women than men in Jewish spiritual life (within the reform community).

    תודה שקראת המאמר

  5. Thanks. At least someone appreciates my humor.

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