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Jewess » Blog Roundup: Too Busy To Blog?

Blog Roundup: Too Busy To Blog?

by Rebecca Honig Friedman

It’s been a very long while since we had a decent blog roundup here on Jewess. So here we go. First up, it’s the latest Week-In-Review from TJC Newsdesk, featuring a hot music video from YLove, and much more. Scroll down for updates on a whole bunch more blogs.

Danya Ruttenberg is busy with numerous literary projects and is excited by a nice Feministing review for her latest book, Surprised by God.
“Death to All Juice”. Miriam’s Topical Topics offers thoughts on recent demonstrations of anti-Semitism and anti-Israelism
Jewesses With Attitude celebrates women in environmental activism, shares concern for Ruth Bader Ginsburg, and marvels over Aliza Lavie’s A Jewish Woman’s Prayerbook.
Jewschool’s got buzz about a Multi-denominational Conference on Women’s Prayer
Maya Escobar shares the video and text of a letter from American rabbis to President Obama, asking him to make resolving the Mideast conflict a top priority.
Mother in Israel has an update on wounded Israeli soldiers and money-saving tips for breast-feeding moms.
On the Fringe has insights into the parameters of kol isha.
Renegade Rebbetzin thinks women shouldn’t be president because “First Gentleman” sounds stupid. (And that line of reasoning doesn’t?)
SerandEz’s Ezzie has comments on the Jewish Economic Survey.
Shtetl Fabulous marks the day the music died and gets delightfully nasty with an Ode to Misanthropy.
TBJL shares the Ashkenazi Privilege Checklist and links to a JVoices post on Dr. Martin Luther King’s legacy.
At the Lilith Blog, Mel Weiss celebrates the passing of the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act and the Republican women senators who helped pass it, Modesty Blase digs into the shidduch crisis, and Maya Bernstein celebrates the theater of motherhood.
Velveteen Rabbi is getting ready for Tu B’Shvat.
Women’s Lens posts in French.
Writes Like She Talks is excited by Nicholas Kristof’s argument that what Wall Street needs to bounce back from the financial crisis is more women. (Making investment decisions, not coffee.)
Yo Yenta has a new favorite Jew.

4 Responses to “Blog Roundup: Too Busy To Blog?”

  1. Thanks for the link. The more the survey can be spread around the greater the impact can be.

  2. Thanks for the updated link list. So many links on other sites are terribly out of date [last post from 2006, etc] that I hate to waste time trying to find the good ones. Of course, Renegade Rebbitzin has only posted a couple times in the previous year.

  3. Thanks so much for linking to me - I was just mentioning how much I like this blog to another good female Jewish blogger, Cynthia Samuels at Don’t Gel Yet -

    Also - thank you to Maggie Anton for visiting my blog and here’s a bonus link related to the Kristof piece that I foun because of Maggie re: women leading a financial institution:,0,1355683.story

  4. Ezzie and Maggie, you’re most welcome!
    Jill, thanks for the links, I’ll check out Don’t Gel Too Soon.

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