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Jewess The Tribe's Better Half 2012-03-02T19:53:29Z Copyright 2012 WordPress Rebecca Honig Friedman <![CDATA[Comics by Jewish Women, Agunah seeks help from Congressman, and more news from TJC]]> 2012-03-02T19:53:29Z 2012-03-02T19:53:29Z

My story on “Graphic Details: Confessional Comics by Jewish Women,” a touring exhibition, comes about 8 mins, 23 secs into the video.

See more news from The Jewish Channel at the TJC Newsdesk blog, and check out TJC’s YouTube channel!

Rebecca Honig Friedman <![CDATA[TJC’s The Salon Episode 16: “Stuff Girls Say,” Gender Segregation, Roe v. Wade and More]]> 2012-02-05T13:19:34Z 2012-02-05T13:19:34Z

The Salon is the first and only Jewish women’s television show. Hosted by the Forward’s Jane Eisner, with Rachel Sklar of Change The Ratio. The latest episode features Gaby Dunn (NY Times Magazine,, Nancy Kaufman (National Council of Jewish Women), and Jennifer Laszlo Mizrahi (The Israel Project).

Here are a couple extended clips from the episode.

S**t Girls Say:

On the Absence of Women in Jewish Public Life:

Rebecca Honig Friedman <![CDATA[Flashmob in Beit Shemesh]]> 2012-01-10T02:03:43Z 2012-01-10T02:03:43Z

I often think flashmobs are dumb, but this is awesome.

Rebecca Honig Friedman <![CDATA[Modest Wedding Gowns and More News from TJC]]> 2011-05-08T21:54:38Z 2011-05-08T21:54:38Z

The video version of my previous post comes 4 min, 28 secs into the video. Also, check out the story on Manischewitz’s move to Newark, NJ, and the rest of the news.
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Rebecca Honig Friedman <![CDATA[What Kate Middleton’s Wedding Dress Means For Jewesses]]> 2011-04-29T14:16:56Z 2011-04-29T14:16:56Z
photo credit: Ben Stansall/AFP, Getty Images

Shopping for a modest wedding dress just got a whole lot easier for Orthodox Jewish brides and others concerned with covering up for their weddings. No doubt long sleeved wedding dresses, a la Kate Middleton’s by Sara Burton of Alexander McQueen, will be much easier to come by next season. Though something must be done about that plunging neckline…

Rebecca Honig Friedman <![CDATA[“Manning Up” and More, on TJC’s The Salon]]> 2011-03-23T14:56:22Z 2011-03-23T14:56:22Z

TJC’s The Salon is the first-ever television show about Jewish women’s issues. On the latest episode, author Kay Hymowitz discusses her controversial new book, “Manning Up: How The Rise of Women Has Turned Men Into Boys.”
She’s joined by philanthropist Barbara Dobkin, Sisterhood contributing editor Elissa Strauss, and hosts Jane Eisner (editor of The Forward) and Rachel Sklar ( for a discussion about why men dominate magazine bylines; is congress endangering women’s health?; and the Mike Huckabee/Natalie Portman debate.

Watch the complete episode on The Jewish Channel — – Time Warner channel 528, Cablevision iO channel 291, RCN channel 268, Verizon FiOS channel 900, and Cox Cable channel 1.

Rebecca Honig Friedman <![CDATA[For Purim, Marisa Tomei’s Debut As Queen Esther]]> 2011-03-08T20:24:57Z 2011-03-08T20:24:57Z

I came across this while looking through TJC Newsdesk archives. Fun!

Rebecca Honig Friedman <![CDATA[New Episode of TJC’s The Salon Is Up!]]> 2011-01-31T17:01:31Z 2011-01-31T17:01:31Z

The Salon is a monthly Jewish women’s discussion show on The Jewish Channel. On this episode, five fabulous Jewesses discuss the legacy of Debbie Friedman; the Gabrielle Giffords shooting; segregated buses in Israel; the rape conviction of former Israeli president Moshe Katsav, the latest battle in the Mommy Wars; and why having a Jewish Miss America matters, or doesn’t.

Watch the full episode on The Jewish Channel — channel 291 on Cablevision iO, channel 528 on Time Warner, channel 900 on Verizon FiOS, channel 268 on RCN, channel 1 on Cox Cable.
More info at

Rebecca Honig Friedman <![CDATA[Minnie Driver on Playing a “Jewish Princess” and More: TJC’s Week in Review]]> 2011-01-16T16:53:11Z 2011-01-16T16:53:11Z ]]> Rebecca Honig Friedman <![CDATA[Jewesses Discuss the Tea Party, Breast Cancer Awareness and More: The Salon Episode 08]]> 2010-10-28T02:12:15Z 2010-10-28T02:12:15Z

The new episode of “The Salon,” TJC’s women’s issues discussion show, went up this week, and it’s super fantastic if I do say so myself.
This episode features’s Irin Carmon, Moment Magazine’s Nadine Epstein, and JTS education professor Carol Ingall, editor of The Women Who Reconstructed American Jewish Education, 1910-1965. They’re three really smart women who have very strong opinions. And the show’s hosts, Forward editor Jane Eisner and’s Rachel Sklar, are fabulous as always.

Check out the promo above and watch the full episode on The Jewish Channel — channel 528 on Time Warner, channel 268 on RCN, channel 291 on Cablevision iO Optimum, channel 900 on Verizon FiOs, and channel 1 on Cox Cable. More info at