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Guest Post: Why Passover Getaways Make Me Sad, by Maggie Anton

by Maggie Anton, author of Rashi’s Daughters

Maggie Anton is the award-winning author of “Rashi’s Daughters,” historical novels set in the household of the great medieval Jewish scholar, whose daughters studied Talmud in a time when these sacred texts were forbidden to women. Raised in a secular, socialist household, Anton reached adulthood with little knowledge of […]

Guest Post: Tips to De-Stress the Seder and Other Passover Etiquette

By Lisa Friedman, co-creator of
Prior to starting, Lisa was a Private Wealth Management Advisor and Banker. In addition to banking, Lisa’s responsibilities included corporate gift buying as she developed a knack for finding unique gifts for people with incredibly discerning tastes. In August of December 2007, Lisa decided to team up with […]

Guest Post: Are You a Warrior At Work?

by Deborah Grayson Riegel, MSW, ACC
For some, the term “warrior” connotes violence or domination. And for many women in the workplace, thinking about being a “warrior” feels too aggressive, too overpowering, too “male”.
But in its truest form, warrior energy is about a “never say never” attitude and a fierce determination to succeed - an […]

Guest Post: A Jewess-by-Choice Reacts to the RCA’s New Conversion Standards

Aliza Hausman is a Latina Orthodox Jewish convert, freelance writer and educator. Currently working on her memoir, she lives in New York with her husband who is pursuing rabbinical ordination.
You can find Aliza blogging at
The following opinion piece originally appeared in the May 14th, 2008 issue of the Teaneck, NJ-based paper The Jewish Planet.
Aliza […]

Guest Blogger: Michelle Cove on Why I May Not Send My Daughter to Hebrew School

Why I May Not Send My Daughter to Hebrew School
by Michelle Cove
The reason I was hired to create JVibe, a national magazine for Jewish teens, back in 2003 was to create a new way to engage youth in Judaism. Makes sense, given the fact that so many of them are fleeing from Judaism the moment […]

Introducing Guest Blogger: Michelle Cove

Michelle Cove is currently the Editor of 614: the HBI eZine (, which aims to spark conversation among Jewish women. She created this bi-monthly publication with the hopes of talking about the topics that are really on our minds, from what books every Jewish woman should read to what’s behind Jewish beauty to Jewish egg […]

Guest Blogger: Frances Madeson on Being an Untraditional Jewess on the Traditional Lower East Side

by Frances Madeson
Where we begin is not where we end.
The very first time I crossed Delancey to explore Cooperative Village, the Lower East Side neighborhood that would become home, I was stopped by a couple of black-hatted Chabad guys. They were working the street outside their colorfully painted Moshiach Mobile, passing out Shabbos candles, or […]

Introducing Guest Blogger: Frances Madeson

I first noticed Frances Madeson on Grand Street. She was sitting at a table, perched in front of a store that offers a random variety of goods and services (from shoes to posters to copying keys), trying to sell a stack of books in the very neighborhood she lovingly lampoons in those books — copies […]

Guest Blogger: Joshua Henkin on the “Singles Crisis” in the Jewish Community

by Joshua Henkin
I’ve been told there’s a dating crisis in the Jewish community. I say this as if I live on Mars, and in a way, when it comes to dating, I do. From the ages of 19 to 35, I lived in one college town or another, and whatever else one might say about […]

Guest Blogger: Joshua Henkin on Being a Man Writing About Being a Woman

by Joshua Henkin
I’ve done a number of interviews for my new novel, Matrimony, and I’m beginning to notice a recurring question. Is it hard/how do you feel about/does it take guts to write from a female point of view? What the interviewer is referring to is the fact that I am male and my novel […]

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