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Jewess » Roundups

Blog Roundup: Too Busy To Blog?

It’s been a very long while since we had a decent blog roundup here on Jewess. So here we go. First up, it’s the latest Week-In-Review from TJC Newsdesk, featuring a hot music video from YLove, and much more. Scroll down for updates on a whole bunch more blogs.

Danya Ruttenberg is busy with numerous literary […]

Roundup: Sarah Palin and Susan Sarandon Walk Into a Bazaar…

Jewesses react to Sarah Palin, and not positively. Most Jewish women don’t like Sarah Palin because, as prominent Jewish writer Ayelet Waldman says, “I resent her co-opting a feminist message in order to achieve a retrograde goal, I resent her pandering to the insecurities of American Jews.” And because, says Lilith magazine editor Susan […]

Roundup: Pre-Yom Kippur Catch-Up

Newlywed brides can wash their faces on Yom Kippur: “The Mishnah of Tractate Yoma, Chapter 8:1, has taught that on Yom Kippur, while one must not eat, drink, wash, anoint oneself, put on sandals, or have sexual intercourse, a bride, like a king, may wash her face so that her husband should not think ill […]

Roundup: Democratic Convention, Women’s Ordination, Israeli Budget, Nepalese Women

Jews woo for Obama at Democratic National Convention. “At the Colorado meeting in a sprawling suburban Hyatt hotel, Florida Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz [a Jewess -RHF] — a former top Hillary surrogate bucking the conventional wisdom that dictates she ought to be wandering grief-stricken through the Pepsi Center clutching photos of her scorned commandress — […]

Roundup: Climbing Everest, Dressing Up and Down, Talking Back at the Back of the Bus with Buddha

Australian Jewesses climb Everest, show Jewish pride. “The first mother-daughter team to reach the summit of Mount Everest waved an Israeli flag on their way to the top.” [JTA]
Another sex segregated bus line in Jerusalem. “Petitions filed with the Transportation Ministry against the Egged and Dan mehadrin sex-segregated bus lines in 2007 seem to […]

Roundup: Hadassah’s 94th Convention, in L.A.

Anticipating the Hadassah convention. “An overflowing plate of activities, from Shalom Yoga exercises at 6:15 a.m. to festivities lasting until midnight, will be served up to some 2,000 energetic delegates attending the 94th annual convention of Hadassah, the Women’s Zionist Organization of America, in Los Angeles.” [LA Jewish Journal]
Hadassah convention - Video Jew-style.

[LA […]

Roundup: Love and Marriage, Or Not

Singles crisis due to serial dating. The Jewish Week’s Tamar Snyder describes the shidduch process, and how it’s falling short, to a non-Jewish audience: “Just as the economy is headed to recession, the shidduch system is in crisis mode. Or so the rabbis moan, noting the surplus of women eager to marry and the […]

Roundup: Funny Jewesses in Britain, Livni’s Address, Modesty Mania

Sarah Silverman and other women comics shaking things up, even in Britain. The new wave of American female comics have more confidence, social impact, and star power than their predecessors, and they’re coming to the UK’s Edinbrugh Fringe Festival. A British analysis. (And you know it’s not an American writing because she uses the phrase […]

Roundup: Gun Control, Basketball, Hadassah Honorees, Under Arrest, On the Run

NCJW decries Supreme Court’s gun control decision. Of the U.S. Supreme Court’s controversial decision to overturn a gun control law in Washington, D.C., National Council of Jewish Women (NCJW) President Nancy Ratzan said, “[It] overturns the basis for two centuries of government regulation of firearms.” Several other Jewish groups criticized the Court’s decision. Incidentally, or […]

Roundup: Rabbis, Step Aside; Lay Men, Come Back; Lesbians Wed; Jewesses Accost Texas

Rabbis no longer relevant. Columnist Zvia Greenberg has had it with rabbis in Israel — ultra-Orthodox and national-religious alike — and sees no point in an upcoming conference on “Zionist Halakha” [Jewish law], because, amongst other reasons, “How is it possible that the list of participants in a conference of this kind, which supposedly wants […]

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